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Sanblasting | Sand Blasting | Sandblasting companies in Dubai, Sharjah

Sandblasting or abrasive blasting is a process by which a sand blasting machine and a powered machine are used, to spray abrasive particles against an object's surface. The particles are sprayed under high pressure, to remove paint, dirt and rust from the surface and creates an even and smooth texture.


When compared to sandpaper and other cleaning methods, sandblasting removes paint, dirt and other contaminants much easily and quickly. At Rainbow Powder Coating , being the Best Sandblasting Companies in Dubai, we can make use of sandblasting to clean the surface of the steel, brick, concrete, stone, and a range of other materials. No matter whether you want to reuse older materials or want to prepare the surface of the material that you currently use, you can choose our sand blasting services. Visit Sandblasting Companies in Sharjah.


If you're looking for sandblasting companies in Dubai, then Rainbow Powder Coating can get the job done quickly and properly. If you wish to prime a surface covered with rust, grease, soot or water deposits, it's better to go for sand blasting, rather than cleaning it all by yourselves or by trying to hose it. We will help you in making your material look new and clean.


 Materials That Can Be Sandblasted


  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Plastic
  • Pewter


Materials Used as an Abrasive in Sand blasting


  • Silica sand
  • Walnut shells
  • Silicon carbide
  • Glass beads
  • Aluminium oxide
  • Garnet
  • Plastic pellets



How Sandblasting is Performed


Silica sand is the material often used for sandblasting. The silica sand is poured into the sandblasting machine, where the sand is collected on the chamber on top of the machine. Air compressor, sand blasting gun and hopper on the gun are the three main parts of a sandblasting machine. The machine is connected to a conventional air compressor. When it is activated, the abrasive propels through the nozzle. The pressure of the abrasive can be 50-130 PSI(pound-force per square inch). The abrasive particle is blasted against the object's surface.


Sand is gritty and rough. Since sand has these abrasive properties, the surface becomes smoother. Besides metal surfaces, concrete surfaces are also sandblasted. After pouring the concrete, and allowing it to dry, it's surface is sandblasted. The excess material on its surface is removed using sandblasting, making it’s surface smooth.


Even though our professionals perform sandblast, it's not a long and strenuous process. Before sandblasting, our professionals lay a tarp beneath the surface which is blasted, so that cleaning will be much easier and quicker. Upon completion of the process, the tarp is cleaned, and the extra material is removed.


Types of Sandblasting Processes


Rainbow Powder Coating offers a wide array of surface preparation services, which includes two different types of sand blasting:


Air-driven: During the process, a stream of air propels abrasive particles against an object's surface. Air-driven sandblasting best suits metal surfaces, where it removes rust from the metal surface. Air-driven sandblasting prevents-

  • Water intrusion on the surface
  • Moisture buildup on the surface.


Water-driven: During the process, pressurised water propels abrasive particles against an object's surface. Water-driven sandblasting reduces surface deterioration. It is ideal for concrete and brick surfaces.


Water-driven sandblasting is ideal for removing the potentially hazardous coating since no dust is released during the sandblasting process.


Sandblasting is often used prior to coating or painting a surface, to ensure lasting adhesion. But sandblasting can be a hazardous process since it releases dangerous particles into the air. This happens when sandblasting is carried out without any proper precautions. Therefore it's important that you choose the right sandblasting professionals. At Rainbow Powder Coating, we have safety trained and insured sandblasting professionals who offer the best surface preparation services.


The type of sandblasting, i.e., air-driven or water-driven, that's right for you depends on the surface that you want to clean. Before we provide our service, we will consult you to decide which type of sandblasting will be more easy and effective. Upon choosing the type of sandblasting method, our sand blasting professionals will arrive at your location, at a specified time. By adhering to safety guidelines and best practices, we will quickly and efficiently sandblast the surface.


Why Sandblasting?


  • Removes rust from the surface
  • Creates a smooth texture
  • Remove heat treat discolouration
  • Prepare metal for welding
  • Cleans a surface

Sandblasting is ideal for large surfaces as well.


Benefits of Sandblasting 


Sandblasting is the best cleaning method that helps to restore a material back to its original form. The benefits of sandblasting are-


Great surface Preparation- Besides cleaning surfaces, sandblasting is used to prepare a surface before applying various coatings. Sandblasting removes dirt, rust and other contaminants so that the coating will adhere better, and lasts long. The film left after sandblasting prevents rusting in case of metal surfaces.


Safety- The sandblasting process is eco-friendly and non-toxic. The abrasive used in sandblasting is actual sand, which is not harmful. The material used in sandblasting is not dangerous to the environment. Sandblasting materials can be inhaled or touched, and causes no harm to an individual. Disposing of the materials used for sandblasting doesn't cause any harm to the environment.


Easy Process- Other cleaning techniques are lengthy and time-consuming. But sandblasting neither requires heavy-duty cleanup and scrubbing nor harsh chemicals. No complex machinery is used for sand blasting. Sandblasting is a quick and easy process that can be completed within a few hours. Thus you can save a lot of time and money.


Rust Removal- Rust corrodes metal and spreads quickly, causing significant damage. If the rust is left as it is, it will spread to more areas, and damages any type of metal. Rust causes permanent damage if it's not properly treated. Sand blasting easily removes rust from the surface and keeps the material viable for long.


Versatile- Since rust, dirt, residue or any other contaminants can be removed using sandblasting, the surface will look new again. Sandblasting can be not only used for small, precision parts, but it can also be used in cleaning large areas. It can be used in precision parts and delicate surfaces alike. Sandblasting removes dirt and other contaminants, and thus refines and polishes the surface.


Quick Turnaround- Even the toughest cleaning job can be efficiently and quickly completed through sandblasting. This is because silica sand, used as an abrasive, contains fine grains in it. A cleaning process that will normally take hours or days to complete can be quickly done with sandblasting. Since sand blasting can be used for small, precision parts, objects that have more than 2 millimetres cross-section can be easily sandblasted. Mill scale or scale, which is comparatively difficult to remove, can be easily removed using sand blasting.


Our experienced sandblasting professionals have the right equipment to safely sandblast the product or object that you need. Our sand blasting professionals make sure that sandblasting is carried out properly, without putting anyone at risk of silica poisoning, injury or lung disease.


While choosing sandblasting companies in Dubai, most probably you'll be looking for a company who'll get the work done efficiently and safely. Our sand blasting professionals are trained to work within safety guidelines. We keep disruptions to a minimum and complete the work quickly.


Proper surface preparation is essential for long-lasting material. Our sandblasting professionals at Rainbow Powder Coating have the experience, knowledge and equipment to get the job done.


If you're in the lookout for sandblasting companies in Sharjah, to remove rust from the surface, clean a surface or create a smooth texture, and that too in a cost-effective way, we have got you covered.


We are one of the well-established companies in UAE that offer best surface preparation or sandblasting service in Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman. If you want to reuse older materials, or if you simply want to clean up the ones you are using right now, consider sandblasting to get the job done right. This process works on a number of surfaces, especially iron and steel.It is a fast and efficient process that will get the job done quickly and thoroughly.

Sandblasting offers a wide range of benefits for people who are in need of surface preparation services.

Sandblasting is great for removing old paint, casting material and coatings. If you want to repaint or prime a surface, it’s a great idea to have it sandblasted first. The result will be a smooth, sleek surface that will be so easy to repaint or resurface according to your desires. It’s the fastest and most efficient method for removing paint and other old coatings on any metal items.

In addition to removing old coatings, sandblasting can also be a great way to simply clean off very dirty surfaces or equipment. If you have items which are covered in grease, rust, soot, scale or water deposits, don’t waste time trying to hose them down or clean them by hand. In a matter of minutes, a powerful sandblasting process will have your materials and surfaces clean and looking like new.